RelQual Associates of Northern California helps companies market better-qualified products through stress-testing(HASS), software engineering, design-for-reliability(DFR) and related technical services. Reliability and Product Qualification Engineering Services
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RelQual's network of independent engineering Associates spans several disciplines, including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, RF and Microwave Engineering, Programming, Test and Documentation.

Each of our Associates has many years of experience in one or more of the above disciplines, as applied to the fields of High-Reliability Design, Analysis and Testing. Every Associate has committed to upholding our Core Values of business integrity described below.

Depending on your project needs, one or more of our Associates will likely have the experience needed. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your Reliability challenge.

RelQual’s Core Values begin at the personal level, starting with honoring the value and contribution of another person above one’s own. This is reflected in personal relationships both within our organization and with our clients. We will always prioritize trust and integrity at the personal and business level above financial gain. Our business will be built on the Total Quality Management principles of outstanding quality service, customer loyalty and continuous improvement of our professional qualifications. RelQual’s internal leadership will be earned by the trust of its followers, and decisions affecting Associates will be made with input from those Associates. RelQual will finance its work only through equity and revenue, avoiding non-Member outside financial obligation or ownership. A Member is an Associate or closely involved stakeholder. RelQual seeks clients, Associates and business partners who share these values.
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