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Electronic Industries Association (EIA) EMC Standards


  • EIA/IS-16
Immunity of Television Receivers and Video Cassette Recorders (VCRs) to Direct Radiation from Radio Transmissions 0.5 to 30 MHz

  • EIA-152
Minimum Standards for Land Mobile Communication FM or PM .Transmitters 25 to 866 MHz

  • EIA/TIA-204
Minimum Standards for Land Mobile Communication FM or PM Receivers, 25 to 866 MHz

  • EIA/TIA-316
Minimum Standards for Portable/Personal Radio Transmitters, Receivers and Transmitter/Receiver Combination Land Mobile Communications FM or PM Equipment 25 to 1000 MHz

  • EIA-361
Feed-Through Radio Interference Capacitors-Paper, Film, and Paper/Film Dielectric

  • EIA-378
Measurement of Spurious Radiation from FM and TV Broadcast Receivers in the Frequency, Range of 100 to 1000 MHz Using the EIA-Laurel Broad-Band Antenna

  • EIA-416
Filters, Radio Interference

  • EIA-450
Standard Form for Reporting Measurements of Land Mobile, Base Station, and Portable/Personal

  • EIA-471
Radio Receivers in Compliance with FCC Part 15 Rules Symbol and Label for Electrostatic Sensitive Devices

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